July 30, 2011

A Healthy Recipe!

Fried Oven Baked BBQ Wings!!!

A Healthy alternative to deep fried wings, Enjoy!

July 25, 2011

Back on track!

Hey everyone!!! 
I've been slacking big time these past few weeks, but I've finally bounced back! I weighed-in this morning at 197.6 !!!

Also I've been speaking with a lot of retired military people (actually I work with the military every day), because surprise surprise, I'm considering joining the Air Force. I've been thinking about this for a while now and I do believe that it would be a great choice for me.

Now I just have to worry about getting in tip top military shape so that Basic Military Training/Basic Combat Training (BMT/BCT) wont be so rough. (yea right! They're going to stick their boots wear the sun don't shine)

July 21, 2011

Late Weigh-in Monday

So this past Saturday I had my colon cleaned...

No, I didn't use laxatives or water pills etc. I had my colon cleansed by a colonic machine. 

The most awkward experience I have ever been given the opportunity to experience. Firstly before you go into a secluded room the therapist explains the purpose of colon cleansing and certain benefits, and what could happen after improper caring of your colon. After the explanation you are ushered into a room where you are told to strip down to just your bra (for the ladies/naked for the males; talk about awkward O_o) you are given lubricant to lube up your rectum. You are to then insert a plastic tube up your butt plug. Once that is finish you are then instructed to turn on the flow of water.

(Colonic Machine)

I felt pressure in my stomach (kinda like OMG I ate too much ugh my tummy hurts). You squeeze/hold until you can't take the pressure anymore then release. My sister actually got dehydrated and felt nauseous so I guess the experience is different for everyone.

Supposedly you have 20 bowel movements within the 45 minute time span. I'm just going to say that it was awkward and I won't be planning on doing that ever again. 

Here is a link to the website Natural Wellness if you want to check it out.


If you've managed to read this far your probably thinking "Uhh I thought she was going to talk about her weigh-in" and you are absolutely correct. But there's not really much to talk about. I've become a major disappointment to myself, I've allowed myself to fall way off track.
What took me 5-6 weeks to lose I've gained back within 1-2 weeks. I've just gone out of control with my eating/not eating and for a moment, I just didn't care.

I've noticed some negative changes with my body; My stomach is getting bigger, my face is starting to look fat again, and I feel tired more often (although I'm not sure if that's from working or what?).
As I stated in my last post 242 is not an option, although with the way I've been eating and not exercising, I've been setting myself up with a first class ticket to fattysville, population: me.  So if you guys could please give me a nice hard solid kick in the rear I think I can back on track.

Monday's weight: 201.4

Thursday's weight: 203.0 (at 12:44 am)

I'm not proud of this, it's actually very depressing and I'm going to try really hard to get myself out of this funk, because I've come to far to go back now.

Hope everyone has a great week end!

July 11, 2011

Weigh-in Monday

Hey everyone! Well no time for idle chit chat lets get down to business. I've done a full back slide right on up to 198.8

I'm very disappointed with this weigh-in, but it was to be expected. My eating (or lack of there of) hasn't been on point, I can't remember the last time I went to the gym, and I've gone from drinking (7) 20oz bottles of water to (3) 20oz bottles of water if that much in one day.

These past couple of weeks have been hectic with me getting a new job and working for a week, then I resigned because I wasn't able to handle the position, but I was offered another position (with the same company) the same day which pays more and is only part-time, so YAY! Finally something everyone can cheer about. 

Wish this post could have been about a loss but we all have our moments. 

So even though I've gained some weight back, I have not given up on this journey. Once I get used to my new schedule I will get back into my exercise routine and good eating habits.

Hope everyone has a Great week!!!

July 4, 2011

Weigh-in Monday/Update

Hey everyone!!! I feel like I've been gone forever! But let me explain.... *Drum Roll plz*

I got a job and I freaking HATE IT!

LOL you would think I'd be happy about this but NO! I fuel airplanes, making close to minimum wage....

I feel so over worked, and my body has been hurting since I started,  feels like someone turned the heat up on hell outside, gas gets on my skin constantly, I have to constantly lift a 100lb hose, I haven't work out in idk how long, my eating has fallen to $h!t levels and this has been the longest week of my life.

When I b**** to other people all they can say is. "Well at least you have a job" or "You'll lose weight working outside in the sun" Uhhh what the ****??? (<----- insert bad word here) Why would I want to bust my @$$ everyday slaving for minimum wage outside when I can go to the gym like I've been doing??

It's not like I hate it just because it physical, because I've done warehouse work before but come on now! I'm around gas, which is FLAMMABLE, I lift heavy crap, I'm around loud nose all day (seriously have ya ever been around an airplane when the jets are still on?), I work outside and that's like walking into an oven and I my pay starts with a freaking 7/hr...... who wouldn't be pissed off?!

So enough of my complaining, what I really wanted to tell everyone was that I will be moving my weigh in's from Sunday to Monday since it seems like I will be working every weekend now, plus I have to get up at 3:00am to make it to work on time for 5:00am umm yea I won't be thinking about no dang scale that early in the morning lol besides I'm not sure if that would even be an accurate number.

YAY for weigh in Mondays! Speaking of which it's Monday now! I currently weigh 194.2lbs and lost 1.6lbs this week, I'm happy that I lost, but I'm happy about how I had to lose it.

Also I've been seriously thinking about joining the military, more specifically the Air Force. Anyone have any thoughts on that? Or any advice so that I can prepare for bootcamp? I know I'm still too heavy and I can't run, do push ups or pull ups but I want to work on that. Heck I figure if I'm going to be treated like crap might as well get paid for it right?

Happy Holiday Everyone!!! Be Safe and Enjoy!

June 27, 2011

Weigh-in Sunday

SUPER LATE POST!!! Sorry you guys! I'll try to make this good!

After my crappy weigh-in last week I would like to happily report that I have lost 3.6lbs this week. YAY! I'm currently weighing in at 195.8lbs, that's 47lbs lost total and I've reached my next reward goal!

I was supposed to get a pedicure but I changed my mind and decided to get the 

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 dvd 

and some Sports bra's to reward myself    

Although I somewhat feel that this loss is undeserved, don't get me wrong I'm very happy but, last week for me was a total BUST! I only exercised twice and I was not drinking my water like I was supposed so this takes me into:

Since I've hit 199 I've gotten in this comfort zone... I've gotten cozy, and haven't really been motivated to exercise. I realize that my journey is far from being over (I still got another 30-40 pounds to go!), it's time (waaaay past time) to get my self out of this funk and start back putting in some hard work!

Goal 1. Exercise at least 4 days this week  (This will be the hardest, since I've starting training)
Goal 2. Drink 7 20oz bottles of water everyday!
Goal 3. Incorporate weights into my routine.

Hope everyone has a Great Week!

June 23, 2011

Stuck like Chuck

I've been such a bad blogger! I'm sorry you guys, my Hiatus is finally OVER! 
On to other news, this weight has been rocking the boat! SERIOUSLY. But before I get into that I'd like to report that my birthday weekend was fabulous! Mom bought me a Wii and I've been clocking in game time since.

So of course everything was just fine and dandy until I stepped on the scale Sunday morning. . .

I wanted to scream, pull my hair out then throw the scale in front of a moving bus! It was bad, and the messed up thing about it was that I ate healthy the whole week (preparing for my birthday) and I got in my exercise so I don't know what the deal was. I did wake up feeling bloated and my stomach looked bigger, But seriously!? One day of eating hot wings and diet coke shouldn't have done that to me.

Whatever the reason, I've fallen off track, with my exercise, pretty much after Sunday I was thought to myself forget it! I'm better now (somewhat) I guess. . . does this happen to be the dreaded plateau affect?!? (aka: Stuck like chuck moment)

Does anyone have any suggestions to overcome this? If so PLEASE LET ME KNOW! 
NSV Alert! I jogged 15 mins @ 4.2 on the treadmill Tuesday! I felt so accomplished and I have the jello legs to prove it! I even felt like I could have gone longer but I didn't want to push myself too hard.

and just because I <3 everyone here are some updated progress pics!

Is it just me or am I the only person who loses weight from the bottom up?? GAH! I feel so unproportionate now. My legs and butt have slimmed down while my stomach continues to do it's own thing (UGH! It's the most frustrating thing ever!!!). Boobs are practically nonexistent now, arms are getting flabby, what's a girl to do?

P.S. I know my pictures suck! But it's hard trying to find a great photographer. LOL

June 17, 2011

Soap Box

Ladies and Gentlemen, would you bring your attention to me! I have an announcement.

*stands on soap box~*|*~clears throat*

My Birthday is Saturday!!!

Yay! I'm so excited! Since it will be my special day I will be indulging (only a little). I have been committed and stayed true to not only eating healthy for 123 days but also drinking nothing but water (and the occasional 1/2 cup of 1% milk when I eat cereal) and I think I deserve a treat!  So I'll be treating myself to a 10 piece hot wings (my favorite food in the whole wide world!!!) and a can of diet Coke (no french fries -sadness-).

Even though it will be my special day I still plan on going to the gym! Can't be slacking off just cause of my birthday, also my special treat will most likely be lunch and I will continue my healthy eating habits for breakfast, snacks and dinner. Sadly I wont have a cake or ice cream (maybe a sugar free fudgesicle lol). 

June 16, 2011

Food in Review

Tofu Shirataki noodles

A healthy alternative to pasta! I heard so many good/positive reviews about Shirataki that I decided to try it out for myself. I found them in the (Tofu section?) of my local Publix, basically in the produce section.  The entire 8oz bag was only 40 calories, and the noodle itself is made from the root of the Konnyaku - a member of the yam family and tofu. And the price wasn't too bad at $2.39 (+ tax of course). It comes in three different varieties: Spaghetti, Fettuccine and Angel hair. Plus I was digging all the health claims on the package.

LOW CARB (only 3g of carbs per serving)
LOW CALORIE  (20 calories per 4 oz serving)

The authentic aroma (LOL HA! Authentic) wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, kind of fishy. I rinsed the noodles thoroughly and heated them in the microwave for 1 minute per directions so why did my noodles come out smelling like hair relaxer?? That was my 1st red flag. You can also parboil the noodles but Uhhhh yea I was being lazy so anyways, I washed and re-heated the noodles at least 3 times to try and get rid of the relaxer smell authentic aroma.  (2nd red flag)

Once I had the noodles smelling to my satisfaction, I added them to my chicken to make Chicken Lo mein.
Tasty meal indeed right?!


It was soooo not what I was expecting and I was highly disappointed. The noodles were very chewy and rubbery. I can't even begin to describe the taste, all I can think to say is blah! It tasted nothing like pasta, didn't even remind me of past except for the shape. Sadly I couldn't stomach to eat anymore. I had cereal for dinner that night.

June 13, 2011

Hips dont Lie pt.3

Recent Measurements are in!

DateMay 23, 2010March 15, 2011April 18, 2011June 12, 2011
Weight248 lb225.6 lb213.6199.4
L-16 1/2
L-15 1/2
L-14 3/4
R-14 3/4
Upper Chest*45 1/242 1/24139 1/2
Chest*48 1/245 1/24442
Waist*5147 1/24442 1/2
Hips*51 1/248 3/54845 1/2
L-28 1/2
R-28 3/4

Soooo since I was slacking off last week I decided to kick my own @$# at the gym today (*note to self: NEVER SLACK OFF AGAIN! that is all) I might have cried a little. LOL! I'm really starting to notice the changes in my body (Totally AWESOME) and I finally figured out what size I wear! I can fit a 16 (with space!), its still plus size but I'm working on it, I believe my ultimate goal is to get down to a 11/12.

Here's my routine for the day:
30 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 391 (jogged and walked at 3.7 with 15 incline)
AbRoller - 10 sets of 15
15 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 209
Reverse Crunches - 2 sets of 10 (Good LORD! I didn't realize it was that hard!)
13 mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 124

June 11, 2011

Burn Out

Working out everyday is NOT EASY! Who ever said it was needs to go kick bricks, cause its not.
The 1st week is always the easiest to get through because your so motivated to start then here comes week two and your thinking to yourself "Why the heck did I agree to this again?"

So this is my confession...I felt like I was starting to burn out, so I had to lower the intensity of my workouts. I went pretty intense last week and felt like crap this week! Basically to sum everything up in a nut shell I missed 2 days of exercise.

Me trying to maintain my diet while being out of the house is hard! I always screw up! And no I don't mean screw up as in eating fast food or other craptastic stuff that would have me singing, I always ALWAYS forget to eat!

So pretty much I missed Thursday because of an interview, then after that they had me running around trying to get the stuff I needed to be considered for the job (drug testing..etc). Finally got home and made the mistake of laying down lol it was lights out after that. Friday I have absolutely no excuses, although I was out again trying to get documents for this job, laziness was my key factor for not going. So I guess to stay on track for this June Boom Challenge, I'll just have to make up for those missed days. (-sadness-)

June 6, 2011

June Boom: Week 1

Giving a BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone who commented on my Weigh-in Sunday post! Thank you all for the nice comments I feel all warm n fuzzy plus I'm still cheesing like a mad woman lol. Did anybody else notice how I almost fell? Or was that just me?? LOL!!!

Also a I'd like to Welcome all my new followers a.k.a: My new A-Team members! I see yall out there in blogger land! HELLO and thanks for joining me on this journey.

Anywho...I've finished my 1st week of the June Boom Challenge!

Here's what I've done for the week: 5/30/11 - 6/5/11

30 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 385
Abdominal - 3 reps of 30 (70lbs)
13 mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 126
Ab X - 10 sets of 15
15 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 139

35 mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 343
Back Extension - 2 reps of 20 (70lbs)
15 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 169
Abdominal - 4 reps of 30 (70lbs)
15 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 140

30 mins - Walk away the pounds (2 mile) DVD

30 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 329
15 mins - Bike: Calories Burned - 55
15 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 156
Abdominal - 4 reps of 30 (70lbs)

15 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 166
Ab X - 10 sets of 15
30 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 327
Abdominal - 4 reps of 30 (70lbs)
13 mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 125

Jogged/ Walked 2 miles at Track
*Jogging outside on concrete is a BEAST! OMG It is nothing compared to the treadmill! I got out there thinking "Yea I'm gonna rock this!" Uhhh no, I proved my own self wrong! I did the first mile in 13:20 (which according to my friend in the army that is slow)

I did the 1st two exercises of  Zuzana's 300 rep The Trainer who Shagged Me video (each move is done in 60 reps I only did 35 of the 1st two cause OMG! I was ready to pass out!)
10 leg raises
20 crunches
20 crossover crunches
80 jumping jacks

June 5, 2011

Weigh-in Sunday



I've lost 3.8lbs this week, my total weight loss is 43lbs!!! Not only did I accomplish my goal of being In Onederland before my birthday (which is next week!) I am now only 2lbs away from reaching my next goal! Words just can not express how I feel right now, so I thought I'd make a video to show you how I feel (lol this one's for you Julie)

June 2, 2011

Good Eats

I've been craving fried rice for a while now, and just been too lazy to get the ingredients when I went grocery shopping, but mostly it was my forgetfulness.  But I finally remembered and here are my results!

Chicken Fried Rice

1 cup Cooked Brown Rice (cold)
1 cup Frozen veggies (dethawed)
2 eggs
1 Tbs Low-sodium Soy Sauce
1/4 cup Oyster Sauce
1/2 Onion (diced)
2 Boneless skinless chicken breasts
Olive Oil

I used like 3 different recipes to create my dish. So I have to give credit where its due! I used:
*Safire's Shrimp Fried Rice recipe
*Kathy Maister's Fried Rice recipe (startcooking.com)
*Kai's Chinese Chicken Fried Rice recipe (itkman -Youtube)

It was GOOD!

May 31, 2011

Early Bird: June Boom Update

I know that the June Boom Challenge I've decided to join in, doesn't start till tomorrow but I'm weird and like to begin things at the start of the week so I've (already) officially started the June Boom Challenge! YAY I'm ahead of the game!!!

What I've done so far:
30 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 385
Abdominal - 3 reps of 30 (70lbs)
13 mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 126
Ab Roller - 10 sets of 15
15 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 139

35 mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 343
Back Extension - 2 reps of 20 (70lbs)
15 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 169
Abdominal 4 reps of 30 (70lbs)
15 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 140

 ^^I know after the workout I should of  felt like this^^
 ^^But I felt more like this^^

I tried to switched up my routine just the tiniest bit. Instead of me getting on the Treadmill for 30 minutes all the time I'm going to try the other cardio machines for 30 minutes. On the days that I just don't feel like going to the gym, I will do 30 minutes of activity at home; which will probably consist of a Walking away the pounds dvd, taking a 30 minute walk around my neighborhood, or even following some routines from Youtube! Zuzana is one of my favorites! Check her out here  or her website at Bodyrock.tv

Blog Award

Firstly I would like to thank Keliann over at Life in crisis, I mean, Fitness... (LOL don't you just love her blog name?) for nominating me for this award. Thank You KELIANN!!! I feel so cool lol!

Now I have to tell you 7 things about myself!
1. I am the laziest person I know. No seriously I am extremely lazy, but who'd ever figure this lazy girl would ever lose 39lbs (HA let the haterz be your motivators)
2. I have natural hair! I've probably been natural for 2 years? I'm not exactly sure lol probably been longer than that! I rock ruff and stuff with my Afro Puffs! But seriously curly hair is the business.
3. I asked a guy out to lunch, then tripped and fell on the sidewalk (No I didn't fall in front of him, but it was still embarrassing! And concrete is not nice) I laughed at myself all the way home, heck I'm laughing at myself now! LOL
4. I LOVE CHEESE! I could eat a pack of shredded  sharp cheddar cheese right now! And don't get me started on the block and cube cheddar cheese!!! Campbell's cheese soup as nacho cheese is the business. YUM YUM!
5. I watch weight loss infomercials, and could probably lip sync everything the people on there say LOL (Michael Thurmand's 6 week body makeover, P90x, and Insanity are my favs)
6. I want to learn how to play the piano
7. I am very shy! Can you imagine? But seriously I am very shy when talking to people, I'm trying to break out of that though.

Now for the nominees!

Once again Thanks Keliann!!!

May 30, 2011

New Challenge!

The June Boom has three rules: 
  1. Exercise every day in June. I will exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes
  2. Start something you've been putting off.  I haven't been going outside to jog like I used to when I first started exercising. Time for a little change of scenery!
  3. Be publicly accountable. Of course I'll be keep everyone updated on here!

I will be doing this challenge along with Grace over at wannabeformerfatgirl. Anyone is welcome to join me in this challenge! Reaching goals and kicking FAT in the rear will be my game! Who wants to play?

May 29, 2011

Weigh-in Sunday

Weighed in today. I lost 0.6lbs this week, It isn't the best loss ever and I know the reasons why I didn't lose as much as I have in past weeks. Laziness was my key factor for this weeks loss. I won't make any excuses, I just didn't feel like going to the gym, and when I did go I didn't nearly work out as hard as I did last week.

But I'm still happy! I currently weigh 203.6 and I have lost 39lbs in 15 weeks and I can truly say that I am very proud of myself. Starting at 242 I never thought I would make it this far.

Here's my Work out Routine for the week 05/23/11-05/29/11:
20 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 186 (Jogged 13mins @ 4.1 speed)

30 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 318
15 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 171

30 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 326
Abdominal - 3 reps of 30 ( 1 set 60lbs, 2 sets 70lbs)
10 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 102 (would been more had the stupid power not gone out )

Fitness Goals

Back when I had my Fitness Training session, the trainer had me fill out a sheet that asked about my physical fitness background, my medical history, my goals, and the new routine I would be given. At the time, the only thing I could think of for my goal was to lose weight. That was such a vague answer, but now that I've had time to actually sit down and think about it, I've learned that I want to make A LOT of improvements and changes with my body.

1. Push-ups
    I seriously have no upper body or arm strength, I can't do push-ups and I can barely do 2 girl push-ups before my arms start to feel like there on fire. I can't pull myself up and I can't swing myself across the monkey bars. It's pathetic at best. My mom is stronger than me (What the crap?!?).
2. Run
    I have never been a runner, I've always (as far back as I can remember) had weight on me. I've never considered myself fast. My dad can out run me (I'm like half his age and he beats me... again what the crap!?) Even though I jog on the treadmill now, I'm still having problems with breathing, if I could control my breathing then I know I could go longer.
3. Muffin Top
    When I wear pants my stomach always hangs over the rim. I hate it so much that I took the time to write it a letter. Here's the link: Letter to my Enemy
4. Tighten
    Right now I'm a big flabby mess, I would like to wave to someone and not have the fat still swinging after I've stopped moving my arm, ugh its not pretty. I would like for my stomach to not feel like a pool of gelatin, and yes it does have the bounce affect. I would like for my legs to not rub together when I walk. Chaffing is not fun. I'd also like to get rid of the rolls on my back.

I just want to become a fit and active person!

What are some of your fitness goals?

May 25, 2011

Award Time!

Wow never thought I'd get one of these! I feel so special :D
Firstly I would like to thank my very pretty friend Grace @ Wannabeformerfatgirl for this award! This is my first one YAY!!! "You love me -tear- you really love me -sniff-."

LOL now lets get down to business! The rules of the award:

-Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post. (Thanx Grace :D)
-Tell us 10 things about yourself. (Aww you want to know about little old me? LOL I'll try not to bore you)
-Nominate your bloggers. (More special peeps!)
-Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.

Ten things about yours Truly!
1.  My favorite color is black!
2.  My favorite food is Hot Wings! It's probably the only food on this earth that I could never give up! Just thinking about it has me drooling lol!
3. Currently a Junior majoring in Information Technology.Yea I'm a computer Geek! I also have my Associates Degree in Business Administration (still can't find a decent job -tear-)
4. I love love love ANIME!!! Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Naruto, and Bleach are among my favorites! Yes I'm a big kid, and I will never stop watching cartoons :D
5. I learned how to crochet from Youtube...Isn't the internet awesome? Converse Hip-top Baby booties are my specialty.
6. When I was in High school I played Tenor drum in the Marching Band! We were the baddest band in the land and If I could play again I most definitely would. I LOVE MY DRUM :D
7. I'm very quiet and observant when I'm around people I don't know.
8. When I decide to have children I want to name my little girl Blake and my little boy Jaden... Aren't those the cutest names!!
9. I'm a gamer! Resident Evil 5, Heavy Rain and Fat Princess are some of my favorites :D
10. I want to travel the world one day. My first destination would be Tokyo,Japan.

My Nominees are!


May 23, 2011

Fitness Training

I went to a Fitness Training Session today! But before I get into that, I must announce my Non-scale Victory! I was only able to do 20mins on the Treadmill today because I had to attend the session but during that 20mins I jogged for 13mins at 4.1 speed with a changing incline of 0 to 2 to 3 (YAY!!!).

Back to business: The trainer went over my background with working out (basically everything I had been doing up to that point), my diet and my goals. To sum everything up he said that I needed to add weight training to my routine. I understand that gaining muscle helps to burn fat and tone up the body, but when I incorporated weights into my routine I gained weight, and that's just not what I want right now. The trainer also said that I shouldn't be so focused on the number on the scale but on how many inches I've lost. I know this to be true but, mentally I'm just not prepared to do that. Seeing that numbers drop on the scale encourages me, and lets me know that all my hard work is paying off. I will eventually add weights into my routine but not until I've lost a little bit more weight probably when I weigh about 180-170.

Lunch for today: Char-grilled Chicken Salad with Reduced Fat Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing - Chik-fil-A 

Here's my Workout Routine from last week 5/16/11 - 5/22/11: 
30mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 249
Abdominal- 3 reps of 30 (60lbs)
13mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 130
10mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 112
Ab Roller - 60

30mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 291
15mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 161
Abdominal - 3 reps of 30 (60lbs)
Ab Roller - 6 sets of 10
13mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 127

30mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 314
15mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 177
Ab Roller - 8 sets of 10
13mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 124
Abdominal - 3 reps of 30 (60lbs)

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

May 22, 2011

Pushing Forward


How's everyone doing this beautiful Sunday afternoon? Me? I'm great! I had a nice weekend, which consisted of shopping, filling out applications, eating out and attending a graduation. Here's a few photos:

                   {Stuffed Chicken Marsala - Olive Garden}

Now lets get down to business! I weighed-in today and the scaled reported back 204.2!! That's a 3lb pound loss from last weeks weigh-in. I'm so close to 199lbs that I can taste it! I never imagined that I would/could ever come this far and now that I have, I'll be fighting till the end to reach my goals.

P.S I am not a fan of Olive Garden (but seeing as I didn't have a choice in the matter LOL! The Graduate wanted Olive Garden) and the Stuff Chicken Marsala did not taste good at all ='(

May 21, 2011

Check it out!

Hey everyone! Went shopping yesterday for an outfit to wear to my sisters Graduation, and here's what I came up with.

How's it look?! 

Had to go to four stores just to find something that could fit me, usually I'm complaining about the clothes being to small now, there too big! LOL (such a great feeling) But now I can't wait to get out of this situation where I'm to small for plus size stores like Ashely Stewart, Lane Bryant, and Torrid but too big for regular/junior stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal
I'll get there... no doubt about it.

May 18, 2011

Inspiring Motivation

My motivation seems to come from some of the most random places. I saw a commercial on TV the other day of this woman running, she looked great and running just seemed natural to her. I thought to myself that's how I want to look while running(...jogging cause I don't run LOL) instead of always looking like I might pass out once I'm done.

Monday I got on the Elliptical and saw this guy and he was pushing really hard!!! Seeing him made me crank it up into high gear! Of course when he got the off the elliptical he walked away like it was nothing ...when I got off the machine my legs felt like jello. I love to see people giving it everything they got at the gym! That just inspires me to work even harder while I'm there.

Did anybody else watch The Biggest Loser last night!? If you didn't I won't spoil it but it was awesome! Something that Jay did really inspired me. I saw that he would write the number he wanted to weigh for each weigh-in on his arm. How cool is that!? So I will be doing it to! I will see this number!

Here's a video I found on youtube! It's really inspiring

What are somethings that inspire you?

May 15, 2011

No Longer SuperWoman

So during my patrol around the city of Healthier Me's body I hit a brick wall! Actually I think I was flying so fast I went through the brick wall and it HURT! Have no clue what I'm talking about?
Well  I am was SuperWoman! Fighting against the evils of Fat to uphold the justice of living a healthier life! Today marks the day that Fat overcame justice. The city of Healthier Me's Body is in utter chaos and being that I am no longer SuperWoman, I can not defend against the evils of Fat any longer.

In other news! I weighed-in today... Sadly I must report that I have gained 0.4lbs this week I now weigh 207.2lbs.

I haven't eaten anything I wasn't supposed to, I exercised 3 days this week, I drank my water like I was supposed to so why do I feel like this ------------------------------------------------------>
{Enter Fat Girl...Stage Left}

My mom says that I might have gained weight because I've started lifting weights and muscle weighs more that fat, could this be the cause?

IDK, I'm a little sad this week... BUT I have not given up! I will still make my goal in 2 weeks to be in the 100's!! I just have to push harder, I've come too far to give up and I refuse to go back to the way I used to be!

On a side note! I've discovered a Non-Scale Victory! I can no longer fit any of my cute summer dresses from last year! They are all too big and frumpy looking on me now. YAY!

Here's a recap on my Work-out Routine for this week:

Treadmill: 30 mins Calories Burned: 292
Elliptical: 13 mins Calories Burned: 125
Back Extension - 2 reps of 20 (50lbs)
Hip Adduction: Inner and Outer thighs- 3 reps of 25 (50lbs)
Abdominal - 2 reps of 25 (50lbs)

Treadmill: 30 mins Calories Burned: 277
Arm Extension: Triceps - 2 reps of 25 (20lbs)
Arm Curl: Biceps - 2 reps of 25 (20lbs)
Overhead Press - 2 reps of 15 (20lbs)
Abdominal - 3 reps of 25 (50lbs)
AbRoller - 2 sets of 10

Treadmill: 30 mins Calories Burned: 327 (No that is not a typo I actually Burned that much!)
Hip Adduction: Inner and Outer thighs - 3 reps of 25 (50lbs)
Leg Press - 4 reps of 25 (80lbs)
Leg Extension - 2 reps of 15 (50lbs)
Abdominal - 4 reps of 25 (50lbs)
AbRoller - 5 sets of 10

May 11, 2011

Eat this...Not that

We all know how we got fat. Well I don't know about you, but I got fat because I love food and not just food in general. I loved the fatty greasy stuff. The stuff you could get passed to you through a car window. Deep fried and smothered in something whether it be cheese, gravy or red sauce I was probably eating it. Now I was never an emotional eater, I didn't eat if I was sad or upset, my problem was that I didn't eat enough and when I did eat, most of the time I only ate once (in that entire day) and it was usually a big meal late at night. For example I would have a 10 piece Hot wings with a 6inch Philly cheese steak, fries and a large drink and YES I would eat all of that food even if my stomach was hurting because I simply do not like to waste food and I didn't eat left-overs (<---This has obviously changed lol).

After starting my journey I've realized this is probably the healthiest I have ever eaten in my entire life! I would like to say this has been easy, but it hasn't and I just can't forget the taste of the foods I used to eat, although they made me blow up like a blimp, why can't I have what I was used to eat only served up in smaller healthier portions.

1. Not That!
Philly Cheese Steak -Publix (Deli)
I would order a foot-long Philly cheese steak (and yes I would eat that whole sandwich) on wheat bread with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and jalapeno peppers cooked with my meat (chopped finely). Provolone cheese, mayo, and heavy oil and vinegar.

Eat This! Healthy Alternative
Philly Steak Wrap (Home made)
1 wheat wrap, philly steak, bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, jalepeno peppers, reduced fat provolone cheese, light or no mayo, and vinegar. By cooking it at home I can cut out tons of fat and it still taste great!

2.  Not That!
Fried Chicken - Krogers (Deli)
I remember eating this chicken and how the grease would run down my fingers as I bit into the chicken and how I would lick my fingers clean afterward's!

Eat This! Healthy Alternative
Baked Fried Chicken (Home made)
Boneless skinless chicken breast, Whole wheat bread crumbs, Seasonings, and 1 egg white. Baking the chickens cuts down on so much fat and it taste good!! Me and my bottle of hot sauce are always good to go.

 3. Not That!
Quarter Pounder with Cheese - McDonalds
I'm pretty sure everybody knows that this was just fat wrapped in paper and passed through a window right?

Eat This! Healthy Alternative
Turkey Burger (Home made)
Ground turkey, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion power, reduced sodium whoreishore sauce (I know I jacked up that spelling lol), reduced fat cheese, spinach, pickles, light mayo, mustard, and my good old George Foreman Grill!

Those were just a few examples!
I don't have to give up my favorite foods because I've found ways to make them healthier and still taste delicious! Eating healthy doesn't always mean that you have to sacrifice taste. So how do you make your old favorite fatty foods healthier!?

May 8, 2011

Weigh-in Sunday

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there!!!

Hope everyone had/is having a great day with their mommies! I had a great day bought my mom a delicious cupcake from my friend at (top-it cupcake bar in a jar) and took her out to see "Jumping the Broom". It fun being able to spend the day with my mommy, the movie was nice too go check it out!

Now lets talk about how my weigh in went! I am down 2.4lbs this week! YAY it wasn't even a day for me and I was still able to give myself a great gift. I currently weigh 206.8lbs. To accomplish my goal of being in the 100's by June, I have 3 weeks to lose 7 pounds...Can I do it? Of course! There's no doubt in my mind that I can do this. This is perfect timing because my last Final Exam is this Tuesday and I'll be free to focus more on my eating and exercise! HOORAY for SUMMER! I'll also probably be taking my measurements and posting more comparison pics around that time as well. 

Does anyone know how to get the pictures side by side? Or how to make 2 pics 1 ?? I think it would be easier to compare the pictures like that.

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

May 5, 2011

Energy Depleting

Ok so I have a routine (not really but anyway) when I go to the gym. I always! ALWAYS get on the Treadmill for 30 minutes first, then the elliptical, then what ever else rocks my boat. I always set the program to weight-loss and I always start with level one. Level one is 3.3 speed the entire program that alternates with 0 and 2 incline every couple of minutes, now mind you I don't always leave it at 3.3, when I jogged I turn the speed up to 4.0 (today 4.1! YAY) and when I walk I turn the incline up to 7 (not always). Am I getting off topic here??  But anyway my point is I feel like I always exert most of my energy on the Treadmill, everyday I try to push a littler harder than I did the day before. Well some might think that's great but when I want to do other cardio machines after I get off the Treadmill I feel like I'm dying! I really and I mean really have to summon up stored energy from somewhere to complete another cardio program (usually my music helps)

And is it just me or does anybody else want to just fall out after working out? I thought I was supposed to feel energized and all that jazz but instead I always feel like I need to sit down somewhere or take a nap for a good 6 hours (LOL I never have though). Also some dude (he was totally random) told me that I was doing too much cardio...Uhh {*blank stare*}

He then proceeds to tell me that I only need 30 minutes of cardio and should spend 15 mins on different machines and that I should also add in the weight machines and work one body part a day with my cardio  {Ok random dude where did you come from and who are you?!?} But I didn't say that lol I just smiled and nodded.

I would like to think what I've been doing so far has been effective... but maybe I'm wrong LOL.
What do you guys think?? Am I doing too much carido? And why do I feel like such a bum when I'm done working out? Am I just the only weird one who doesn't experience that enriching energy your supposed to get from exercise?

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

May 1, 2011

Weigh-in Sunday

So after my crazy week, it's time to weigh-in. *Closes eyes, takes a deep breath; thinking to myself, "do I really want to get on that scale"??* 

The Results are in:

I now weigh 209.2 POUNDS!!! How wild is that!? I just knew after my crispy chicken fiasco and eating too much bread that I would probably gain something. I've lost 2.2lbs this week. I was totally shocked! I mean this was a very crazy week! I wasn't drinking enough water through out the week (maybe 5-6 bottles a day), and I only exercised twice (before weigh-in, I went to the gym today!).

This means that I am now 6.8lbs away from reaching 40lbs lost (total) AND I am now only 10.2lbs away from reaching the 100's!!!

At the beginning of this journey I told myself that I wanted to reach 200 by June as a birthday present to myself, now it seems that I can give myself the gift of being in the 100's. This is so amazing to me because I cannot remember the last time I stepped up on a scale and the first number was a (1).

{Cue the Cheesing like an Idiot moment!!!}

Here's my Work-out Routine for the day:
30 mins Treadmill - Burned 254 calories (I jogged 8 mins straight at 4.0 speed) Totally pushed myself today
Leg Press- 3 reps (15) w/50lbs
Hip Abduction (Inner Thigh) - 3 reps (40) w/40lbs
Hip Abduction (Outer Thigh)- 3 reps (40) w/40lbs
Abdominal- 1 rep (25) w/60bs (Only did one rep because I started cramping LOL!)

Decided to try something different so I did some machines! I usually do 30min-Treadmill, 10min-Elliptical and 15min-Stationary bike (haven't done the bike in like 2 weeks O_o)

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

April 28, 2011

Crazy Week

Ok so this week has been crazy and it only seems to be getting worse! I didn't make it to the gym on Monday, had a Quiz due Tuesday, then a test to take Wednesday for the same class... -__-' so I wasn't able to make it to the gym Wednesday, went to tutoring before the test O_o. I've been trying to study/prepare for my finals (that are next week!) I have a project due this Sunday for my webmaster class which I haven't even finished. I just found out that I have to take another 50 question Final exam for my Networking class that I can not stand (I just did a 50 question Final for this class on Sunday...) Went to a review (today) for my Programming class and I had no clue what my professor was talking about...

And worst of all... -sighs- this is going to take some explanation. Yesterday I was rushing out the house to make it to the school so that I could study before my test... I left my snack at home so I had to stop by Walmart and buy some sugar-free pudding, I was then supposed to drive to McDonalds to pick up a salad because I didn't have time to cook... Forgot to go to McDonalds. So for lunch I had a turkey sub from the school (I'm pretty sure I ate too much bread) then for dinner I went to McDonalds, I ordered a Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad with Balsamic Vingerette dressing, got home and realized the chicken was crispy not grilled; oh and it smelled so good! I removed the chicken and continued eating my salad... but I kept eyeballing the chicken... Eventually I ended up eating the chicken and the sad thing about it was that it wasn't even that good! So disappointed in myself

April 24, 2011

Your going DOWN!

Reward 1 has been reached!!!

I have lost 31lbs and it feels so GOOD! I bought my reward a little early (Couldn't pass up $2.50 pants and $3.00 shirts!!!)

A little down side to my pants is that they don't have a drawstring so once they get too big I'll have to buy some more, but hey they were only $2.50 so no complaints from me!

I now weigh 211.4!!! How awesome is that? This means that I'm only 9lbs away from reaching 40lbs lost AND I'm only 12lbs away from reaching the 100's!!! O_O'

On Friday [4/22/11] I also did 6 minutes jogging @ 3.9 speed (Yay!)
Hope everyone is doing well! 

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

April 22, 2011

Please don't stop the Music

I just realized that my music motivates me to push harder during my work-outs. I mean it is such an important factor for me especially when I'm on the treadmill. For example when I'm jogging I can feel myself about to give up and start walking but then this Kick @$% song comes on, now I'm pumped! and I push it the hardest towards the end I experience this feeling of euphoria {Cue the big stupid cheesy grin} when I know I've pushed myself when working out. 

I just thought I'd share what music gets me bumping! So here's my playlist.

  • Wings of a boy who killed adolescence - Yasuo Uragami
  • Bomb a Head - m.c.A.T
  • Super Shooter - Rip Slyme
  • Boys & Girls - LM.C
  • Bust a Groove - Kitty N
  • Ichirin No Hana - High and Mighty Color
  • Sonic Heroes - Crush 40
  • D-technolife - UVERworld
  • I'm Blue - Eiffel 65
  • Dub I dub - DDR
  • Can't stop falling in love - DDR
  • Lollipop (Candyman) - Aqua
  • Sign - Flow
Rap/ Hip-hop
  • Go Hard in the Paint - Waka Flocka Flame
  • Crazy in Love - Eminem
  • The Warning - Eminem
  • Fack - Eminem
  • Did it on em - Nicki Minaj
  • Itty Bitty Piggy - Nicki Minaj
Rock/Punk Rock
  • Your Betrayal - Bullet for my Valentine
  • Welcome to the family - Avenged Sevenfold [My Favorite!]
  • Coming Undone - Korn
  • I Remember You - Chixdiggit
  • Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park
  • Paper Cut - Linkin Park
  • Faint - Linkin Park
  • Analog - Strung Out
  • False Pretense - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Shut up - Simple Plan
  • Whip my Hair - Willow Smith
  • We R who we R - Ke$ha
  • Dirty Pop - Nsync
  • O.Lover - Jason Mraz
So what are some songs that get you moving in the gym?? Share with me! Extra cool points for anybody that can name which anime's go with which songs in my Anime/Techno section.

April 20, 2011

Making Progress

Just wanted to post my Progress pics and how I'm looking so far. Can you see a difference??

Sorry I look so rough in the After photos, I don't feel well. I'm not sure if I'm getting sick or if I've some how gotten Allergies?? Who knows! All I know is that I've been sneezing all day and my nose has been running. Weird thing is that it started as soon as I left the gym today. Oh yea! Before I forget to mention it, I made my 5 min jog today @ 3.9 speed!!! Woo I was feeling GREAT! Until I dropped my freaking I-pod and now my headphones are messed up and no I did not stop to pick it up, I kept going... What a weird, interesting day this has been LOL!

*Note: in the last photo I'm not trying to make a muscle, just trying to show the fatty meat hanging from my bones LOL

Before Pics: 3/28/11 {Weight: 221.2}                        After Pics: 4/19/11 {Weight: 213.6}

April 18, 2011

Hips dont Lie pt.2

Here are my recent measurements!

DateMay 23, 2010March 15, 2011April 18, 2011
Weight248 lb225.6 lb213.6
L-16 1/2
L-15 1/2
Upper Chest*45 1/242 1/241
Chest*48 1/245 1/244
Waist*5147 1/244
Hips*51 1/248 3/548
L-28 1/2
R-28 3/4

The only results I can say that I truly see are in my thighs and hips. Everything else I might need a magnifying glass...Ok so maybe I can see that my stomach has gone down just the tiniest bit, but when I look in the mirror, sometimes I can't see my results. When will I be able to see that my hard work has paid off? ='(

April 17, 2011

Good Endings

Rough Starts can lead to Good Endings!

So today is Sunday 4/17/11 and you guys know what that means! I weighed in today and my scale reported back to me 213.6!!!

Instead of me saying Great endings or Fabulous ending, I said Good endings because I set a goal, but I have not yet accomplished that goal. Last week when I weighed in at 216.2, I saw that I had lost 26lbs, when I realized how close I was to reaching 30lbs lost, I decided that I would try my best to lose those last few pounds to make it to 30lbs this week, but I didn't quite make it...

I needed to lose 3.8lbs but I only lost 2.6

But you know what made my 2.6 so special! I went and told my mom how much I weighed (like I do every week) and she says "Your doing so good T! Do you realize how close you are to being out of the 200's?"

I think my brain shut down when she said that cause when the gears in my head started functioning again I started thinking *"Really? (Duh stupid your scale just said 213.6) OMG! She's right! I am very close to being out of the 200's!!!"*

{Cue the Cheesing like an Idiot moment!}

So it's ok that I didn't make 30lbs this week cause I know without a doubt that next week I'll hit my 30lb mark and then some! 

The weight is my prey and I'm ready to attack it full force! Target locked...I'm going in! Calling on the powers of the Jungle Cats RWAAAR! (haha thanx JadeAmber!)

April 15, 2011

Ulterior Motives

I think my body is trying to tell me something... I've hit the emergency stop button on the Treadmill two days in a row now (on accident of course!).

The first time I did it which was yesterday, Thursday 4/14/11, I just shrugged my shoulders turned the Treadmill back on and finished out my workout (I added an extra 2 minutes to make up for lost time lol). The second time I hit the dang button was today and I was heated! The only reason I got upset was because I was doing my jog at 3.9 speed and I had reached my 4 minute goal mark I usually set for myself...well today was different because just as soon as I felt my body shutting it self down to start walking this song comes on

I don't know if it was just because of the fast tempo but whatever, I felt rejuvenated! I knew I could make 5 minutes today, my strides were longer, I got my breathing under control (kinda sorta)... But NOOOOO!!! Obviously my body wasn't thinking along the same way as I was, because with only 20 seconds to spare. I accidentally hit the emergency stop button. FREAKING 20 SECONDS TO SPARE!!!  I would have accomplished a new goal today but I hit the dang stop button!

But you know what!? I didn't let that little incident stop me! I jumped back on that dang Treadmill and cranked the speed up to 4.0! Now mind you, I only was only able to jog a good 3mins at 4.0 before I had to lower my speed back to 3.3, but I was feeling good! I felt so good in fact that I jogged another minute (yes just 1minute) at 3.8 and just because I felt bad about turning off the Treadmill, after my usual 15 minutes on the Bike I did another 10 minutes on the Elliptical.


April 12, 2011

Rough Start

This week has started off a little on the rocky side. I didn't make it to the gym on Monday some things came up and as soon as I got home I took a nap. I even forgot to thaw out my shrimp to make scampi! UGH!!! I ended up eating oatmeal for dinner because I didn't go grocery shopping and nothing was thawed. Then I ended up cooking the oatmeal for too long and it looked like porridge (Ewww!)

Today was hard trying to motivate myself to get to the gym after missing Monday, but I did make it! I did 30 minutes on the Treadmill I even kicked it up a notch by jogging two 4 minute intervals @ 4.0 speed... I was ready to pass out, then I got on the Stationary Bike and disappointed myself, I couldn't even make it for the full 15 minutes I gave up after 10mins, my legs would just not cooperate with me (*Note to self: "Don't miss anymore scheduled gym days...that is all!")

What I won't do is beat myself up about missing a workout day or not being able to finish my 15 minutes on the bike today. So I fell off a little... BIG DEAL! I'm just going to pick myself up and try again tomorrow.

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

How I'm eating

. Monday 4/4/11 Tuesday 4/5/11 Wednesday 4/6/11 Thursday 4/7/11 Friday 4/8/11 Saturday 4/9/11 Sunday 4/10/11
Breakfast 2 eggs (lg), 2 slices Turkey Bacon @10:43am 1/2 cup Oatmeal w/2pks Equal & 1tbsp CBINB* @12:02pm 2 eggs (lg), 2 slices Turkey Bacon @12:55pm 1 cup Fiber One: Honey Clusters, 1/2 cup 1% Milk @11:23am 2 eggs (lg), 2 slice Turkey Bacon @12:23pm 2 eggs (lg), 2 slice Turkey Bacon @10:15am 2 eggs (lg), 2 slice Turkey Bacon @1:26pm
Snack Pecans @12:45pm Sugar-free jello @2:18pm Sugar-free jello @3:00pm Sugar-free jello @1:40pm Sugar-free jello @2:27pm Strawberry, Banana, Spinach Smoothie @2:00pm Sugar-free Fudgesicle @3:52
Lunch Pan-seared chicken w/Peas @4:42pm Pan-seared chicken w/Peas @5:44pm Pan-seared chicken w/Provolone cheese & Sauteed Spinach @5:20pm Turkey sandwich* 1/2 @4:52, 1/2 @6:27pm GCC Salad w/Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing from McDonalds @5:23pm Naked Chicken Parmesan @5:21pm Turkey sandwich* @5:45pm
Snack Fit Active Light Butter Popcorn @7:00pm Suagr-free Fudgesicle @7:45pm Sugar-free Chocolate Pudding @7:25pm Sugar-free Chocolate Pudding @7:30pm Sugar-free Chocolate Pudding @7:25pm Sugar-free Fudgesicle @7:34pm Strawberry, Banana, spinach Smoothie @7:30
Dinner Spinach Chicken Alfredo @9:26 Naked Chicken Parmesan @11:19pm Left-over Spinach Chkn Alfredo @9:36pm Pan-seared Chicken w/Peas @9:46pm Pan-seared Chicken w/Peas @9:57pm Turkey Burger @9:37 Pan-seared chicken w/Peas @9:25

Just a little view of how I'm eating!

Looking at this I've just realized I eat a lot of chicken...LOL 

*CBINB: Can't Believe it's not Butter
*Turkey Sandwich: Low-fat cheese, Miracle Whip, Mustard, Fat-free Turkey, Spinach and Pickles all on Whole Wheat Thin Bread rolls.

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

April 10, 2011

Challenge 1: Day 7

So, I've completed my first Challenge!
Here's the scope on what went down

Day Eating Exercise Calories Burned
Monday Went fabulous! Planned all my meals out for the day and stayed on schedule. I even ate veggies! I usually eat salads. I was so Hyped up and motivated! I did 30mins on the Treadmill (which was no joke by the way! I wanted to quit after 5 mins!!! LOL felt like my legs were gonna give out on me and my calves were tightening up) and 5 mins on the Row Machine (thighs and arms were hurting). 1. 230-Treadmill
30 mins
2. Not sure on Row Machine
5 mins
Tuesday Ate a little late because I didn't estimate the time it would take me to finish some hw, but other than that It was a pretty good day! Even got my veggies in! O.M.G It was so hard trying to motivate myself to go to the Gym, but I did it! I even pushed myself a little harder than I did Monday! 30 mins on Treadmill (I even jogged a little and I mean "LITTLE") I also did 15mins on the stationary bike (The one that feels like your on an actual bike LOL) 1. 229-Treadmill (weird! It was 230 Monday)
30 mins
2. 82-Bike
15 mins
Wednesday Went to school today! I thought it would be difficult to stay on schedule but it wasn't because I planned ahead! {Thanks Cory!} Didn't work out today because it's my longest day of school, Had three classes to go to -__- No Calories Burned
ThursdayKept the meals simple since I knew I had classToday was awesome! Since I didn't work out Wednesday I decided to crank it up a notch(just a little bit) I jogged for 3 mins straight caught my breath for maybe like 2 mins then I jogged again for another 2 mins @ 3.8 speed and could have gone longer but it was time to cool down LOL, then I had to go to class I wanted to fall over!1. 239-Treadmill
30 mins
2. 79-Bike
15 mins
FridayHad a lot of things to do today but I kept it under control! None of my chicken was thawed out so I had to get a salad from McDonalds for lunch {the back up plan!}, I bought it early cause I didn't know if I would have time to go get it later {planning ahead! LOL}Today I stepped my game up even higher! I think I was really feeling motivated because on the Treadmill I jogged two 4 min intervals @ 3.8 speed with 5 min catching my breath in between! I was feeling good, I even pushed my self harder on the Bike!1. 247-Treadmill
30 mins
2. 78-bike
15 mins
SaturdayAhh the weekend I could finally catch a break! Kept my meals simple cause I was feeling lazy and it was super HOT! I knew it was cause it wasn't moving and the sweat beads started building up on my nose LOL my fan was cranked up to the max!No work out todayNo Calories Burned
SundayI left today's meals pretty much open, But I pretty much have an Idea of what I'll be eatingWon't be working out today, need a break! LOLNo Calories Burned

A quick Summary!
I ate veggies everyday this week! Mostly peas and spinach, I also drunk a Gallon of water everyday, I did this by taking a old 20oz Dasani bottle and refilled it 7 times with water {You only need 6.4 or 6 1/2 20oz bottles to make a gallon but I just went ahead and did 7 it was much easier to keep track of}. I also exercised 4 days this week so I surpassed my own expectations! {Does fist pump!} YEAH!
I'll also be following these same goals next week and so on!

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me 

Weigh-in Sunday

IT'S SUNDAY!!! Do you know what that means?!?

I've completed my 1st Challenge!!! YAY but whatever I'm sure your ready for the juicy stuff right? {I'm so totally trying to delay telling you how my weigh-in went ....LOL}

{Cue the Jeopardy Music!}

So you either just skipped down here or you actually listened to the music LOL but either way your awesome cause you've decided to take a little time out of your day to read my blog! {Thank you! Note how I'm still trying to delay the inevitable. LOL ok I'll stop... here goes!}

I weighed in today and the scaled reported back to me... 216.2 {gasp!}
Ok see I was obviously drowsy when I first stepped on the scale cause when I saw this number I thought I had gained weight {I saw 226.2 in my mind}. LOL so I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and stepped on it again. 216.2 *thinking* *What the heck did I weigh last week?? DUH!!! you weighed 220.6 STUPID!!! You Lost 4lbs!!!*

{Cue in the Victory Dance!}

Ok so I didn't make a video of me doing my Victory Dance, LOL maybe one day I will!

But I am so excited! I worked my butt off this week and it paid off! Hard work, dedication, patience, and the willingness to put forth the effort and you can do whatever you set your mind too! Nothing can stop me NOW!!! 

If you would like to see how I did on my Challenge check it out here: Healthier Me's Challenge 1

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

April 6, 2011

Update1, Challenge 1

Ok, so I was going to wait until Sunday to talk about how my Challenge went and what not, but I just can't keep anything away from you guys for too long!!! LOL

So anywho!

Day Eating Exercise Calories Burned
Monday Went fabulous! Planned all my meals out for the day and stayed on schedule. I even ate veggies! I usually eat salads. I was so Hyped up and motivated! I did 30mins on the Treadmill (which was no joke by the way! I wanted to quit after 5 mins!!! LOL felt like my legs were gonna give out on me and my calves were tightening up) and 5 mins on the Row Machine (thighs and arms were hurting). 1. 230-Treadmill
2. Not sure on Row Machine
Tuesday Ate a little late because I didn't estimate the time it would take me to finish some hw, but other than that It was a pretty good day! Even got my veggies in! O.M.G It was so hard trying to motivate myself to go to the Gym, but I did it! I even pushed myself a little harder than I did Monday! 30 mins on Treadmill (I even jogged a little and I mean "LITTLE") I also did 15mins on the stationary bike (The one that feels like your on an actual bike LOL) 1. 229-Treadmill (weird! It was 230 Monday)
2. 82-Bike

Oh yea! Before I forget I joined Planet Fitness today...er yesterday (Tuesday April 5, 11). Now I have no excuses LOL can't be complaining that the Gym is too far, when it's right up the street from where I stay! Membership is only $10 a month! Awesome right? But I'll talk more about that come Sunday!

I'll also be posting my food planner at the end of the week so you can see how I'm eating! Hope you all are having a Great Week!

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me