April 24, 2011

Your going DOWN!

Reward 1 has been reached!!!

I have lost 31lbs and it feels so GOOD! I bought my reward a little early (Couldn't pass up $2.50 pants and $3.00 shirts!!!)

A little down side to my pants is that they don't have a drawstring so once they get too big I'll have to buy some more, but hey they were only $2.50 so no complaints from me!

I now weigh 211.4!!! How awesome is that? This means that I'm only 9lbs away from reaching 40lbs lost AND I'm only 12lbs away from reaching the 100's!!! O_O'

On Friday [4/22/11] I also did 6 minutes jogging @ 3.9 speed (Yay!)
Hope everyone is doing well! 

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me


  1. Way to go! Amazing work, looks like you are getting closer and closer to a sexier body! Have a great week!

  2. Good job pretty lady, you are doing so well!