April 1, 2011

Letter to my Enemy

Dear Muffin-top,

You've situated your self over the top of my pants once again. and no matter how hard I try to hide you, you always seem to find a way to make your self known...
High-waisted pants and belts don't stop you. Girdles and shaper underwear don't phase you.

Why Muffin-top? Why must you appear over the rim of my jeans?
Why must you cause my underwear to roll down into an uncomfortable position on my stomach?
I tire from pulling them (underwear) up all day. Do you have nothing else to do besides hang around my hips?

Yes, I know that you provide a place for my elbows to rest when my arms are not in use, but I think its time for you and I to go our separate ways. You are unsightly! You keep me from wearing certain tops and pretty dresses, hip hugger jeans, and all kinds of nice things.

Your time has been up! Cause once I started this journey Feb 14, 2011, I decided that enough is enough! 

So farewell Muffin-top, may we never cross paths once again.

Yours Truly,
-Healthier Me

(a.k.a) T

1 comment:

  1. Love it T.. snapping my fingers!!! Bye Bye to the muffin!