About Me

Welcome to Healthier Me's Blog Page!

HELLO and Welcome!

I'm Healthier Me (aka: T) here to document my Weight-loss Journey Extravaganza!

I'm 5'6 and My starting weight was 242 pounds.

Besides weight loss I'm a full time college student (age:22) trying to receive my Bachelors Degree in Information Technology (I love computers!)
Another thing I happen to love is ANIME!!! If I'm not watching it everyday, I'm reading about it!!! I could go on and on but I think I'll stop that right here LOL.
I also enjoy crocheting! (I learned how to from youtube! Isn't the internet awesome!)

I've always been a plus size girl, low self esteem, didn't like looking at my self in the mirror, but all that changed as I got older. You start to realize that if you don't love your self then nobody can love you for you. So now I have CONFIDENCE (sometimes...LOL) I'm still a bit shy, and my self esteem is better...but I'm still the plus size girl UGH!

But that's all about to change! So follow me as I take you on my weight loss journey!!!


I plan on setting mini-goals for myself to accomplish and stay on track! Right now I'm not really focused on how many pounds I need to lose, I'm just going to keep going until I feel comfortable in my skin!

1. Getting down to a size 10/12 (Currently I wear a size 18, sometimes 16 depending on the stretch in the jeans)
2. Fitting into a 2-piece swim suit (Yeaaa I wanna strut my stuff!! LOL)
3. Become healthier so that I may live a longer life.
4. Be able to walk up a flight of stair and not be winded once I reach the top.
5. Look and feel comfortable in my clothes (not hide behind them)

Wear something like this and be smoking HOT!