April 17, 2011

Good Endings

Rough Starts can lead to Good Endings!

So today is Sunday 4/17/11 and you guys know what that means! I weighed in today and my scale reported back to me 213.6!!!

Instead of me saying Great endings or Fabulous ending, I said Good endings because I set a goal, but I have not yet accomplished that goal. Last week when I weighed in at 216.2, I saw that I had lost 26lbs, when I realized how close I was to reaching 30lbs lost, I decided that I would try my best to lose those last few pounds to make it to 30lbs this week, but I didn't quite make it...

I needed to lose 3.8lbs but I only lost 2.6

But you know what made my 2.6 so special! I went and told my mom how much I weighed (like I do every week) and she says "Your doing so good T! Do you realize how close you are to being out of the 200's?"

I think my brain shut down when she said that cause when the gears in my head started functioning again I started thinking *"Really? (Duh stupid your scale just said 213.6) OMG! She's right! I am very close to being out of the 200's!!!"*

{Cue the Cheesing like an Idiot moment!}

So it's ok that I didn't make 30lbs this week cause I know without a doubt that next week I'll hit my 30lb mark and then some! 

The weight is my prey and I'm ready to attack it full force! Target locked...I'm going in! Calling on the powers of the Jungle Cats RWAAAR! (haha thanx JadeAmber!)


  1. YEAH, you go girl! Rock it out, kitty kat!

  2. Amazing work! Next week, thiswill be a wonderful Easter gift!

  3. I've been so focused on school and my weight that I didn't even realize Easter was next week!

  4. YEAH!!! You are doing so great. It won't be that long and you'll hit that 199 and just jump for joy. I remember that day, it felt awesome but you know what else feels awesome, a loss each week and you are doing just that. Tkae care and have a blessed week.

  5. I think I'll record my self jumping for joy when that happens! Just for you Julie! :D