April 10, 2011

Challenge 1: Day 7

So, I've completed my first Challenge!
Here's the scope on what went down

Day Eating Exercise Calories Burned
Monday Went fabulous! Planned all my meals out for the day and stayed on schedule. I even ate veggies! I usually eat salads. I was so Hyped up and motivated! I did 30mins on the Treadmill (which was no joke by the way! I wanted to quit after 5 mins!!! LOL felt like my legs were gonna give out on me and my calves were tightening up) and 5 mins on the Row Machine (thighs and arms were hurting). 1. 230-Treadmill
30 mins
2. Not sure on Row Machine
5 mins
Tuesday Ate a little late because I didn't estimate the time it would take me to finish some hw, but other than that It was a pretty good day! Even got my veggies in! O.M.G It was so hard trying to motivate myself to go to the Gym, but I did it! I even pushed myself a little harder than I did Monday! 30 mins on Treadmill (I even jogged a little and I mean "LITTLE") I also did 15mins on the stationary bike (The one that feels like your on an actual bike LOL) 1. 229-Treadmill (weird! It was 230 Monday)
30 mins
2. 82-Bike
15 mins
Wednesday Went to school today! I thought it would be difficult to stay on schedule but it wasn't because I planned ahead! {Thanks Cory!} Didn't work out today because it's my longest day of school, Had three classes to go to -__- No Calories Burned
ThursdayKept the meals simple since I knew I had classToday was awesome! Since I didn't work out Wednesday I decided to crank it up a notch(just a little bit) I jogged for 3 mins straight caught my breath for maybe like 2 mins then I jogged again for another 2 mins @ 3.8 speed and could have gone longer but it was time to cool down LOL, then I had to go to class I wanted to fall over!1. 239-Treadmill
30 mins
2. 79-Bike
15 mins
FridayHad a lot of things to do today but I kept it under control! None of my chicken was thawed out so I had to get a salad from McDonalds for lunch {the back up plan!}, I bought it early cause I didn't know if I would have time to go get it later {planning ahead! LOL}Today I stepped my game up even higher! I think I was really feeling motivated because on the Treadmill I jogged two 4 min intervals @ 3.8 speed with 5 min catching my breath in between! I was feeling good, I even pushed my self harder on the Bike!1. 247-Treadmill
30 mins
2. 78-bike
15 mins
SaturdayAhh the weekend I could finally catch a break! Kept my meals simple cause I was feeling lazy and it was super HOT! I knew it was cause it wasn't moving and the sweat beads started building up on my nose LOL my fan was cranked up to the max!No work out todayNo Calories Burned
SundayI left today's meals pretty much open, But I pretty much have an Idea of what I'll be eatingWon't be working out today, need a break! LOLNo Calories Burned

A quick Summary!
I ate veggies everyday this week! Mostly peas and spinach, I also drunk a Gallon of water everyday, I did this by taking a old 20oz Dasani bottle and refilled it 7 times with water {You only need 6.4 or 6 1/2 20oz bottles to make a gallon but I just went ahead and did 7 it was much easier to keep track of}. I also exercised 4 days this week so I surpassed my own expectations! {Does fist pump!} YEAH!
I'll also be following these same goals next week and so on!

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me 

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