April 3, 2011

I screwed up!

Ok, so this past week has been... Madness!

All of my professors have decided to grow little horns out of their heads and shove a ton of work down my throat! ='(

It wasn't pretty! The weather has been acting CRAZY! Mother Nature is seriously taking a break cause one day the sun is out and shining and the next it's drizzling and cold. (I do not do cold weather! It's like my body shuts down)
I was messing up my eating routine and yes I've still been eating healthy foods but I haven't been sticking to my time schedule so it was off this week. Also I haven't been drinking water like I was supposed to, and I wasn't able to excuse this week either due to stress and this crazy weather.

On top of all this madness I haven't worked out in 11 days!!!  11 freaking days! So I already know I'm going to be crying when I do get back into the groove -sighs-

Weighed in today at 220.6 so from my last weigh in which was Monday 3/28/11 I haven't lost anything. I pretty much expected this, if anything I'm glad I didn't gain! (Woo!) 

Today is a new day and I shall recover! Next weigh-in better watch out cause I'm kicking it into high gear this week! I'm going to reach my goal of 36lbs gone by June!

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