May 29, 2011

Fitness Goals

Back when I had my Fitness Training session, the trainer had me fill out a sheet that asked about my physical fitness background, my medical history, my goals, and the new routine I would be given. At the time, the only thing I could think of for my goal was to lose weight. That was such a vague answer, but now that I've had time to actually sit down and think about it, I've learned that I want to make A LOT of improvements and changes with my body.

1. Push-ups
    I seriously have no upper body or arm strength, I can't do push-ups and I can barely do 2 girl push-ups before my arms start to feel like there on fire. I can't pull myself up and I can't swing myself across the monkey bars. It's pathetic at best. My mom is stronger than me (What the crap?!?).
2. Run
    I have never been a runner, I've always (as far back as I can remember) had weight on me. I've never considered myself fast. My dad can out run me (I'm like half his age and he beats me... again what the crap!?) Even though I jog on the treadmill now, I'm still having problems with breathing, if I could control my breathing then I know I could go longer.
3. Muffin Top
    When I wear pants my stomach always hangs over the rim. I hate it so much that I took the time to write it a letter. Here's the link: Letter to my Enemy
4. Tighten
    Right now I'm a big flabby mess, I would like to wave to someone and not have the fat still swinging after I've stopped moving my arm, ugh its not pretty. I would like for my stomach to not feel like a pool of gelatin, and yes it does have the bounce affect. I would like for my legs to not rub together when I walk. Chaffing is not fun. I'd also like to get rid of the rolls on my back.

I just want to become a fit and active person!

What are some of your fitness goals?


  1. I have about the same goals as you. One big thing is to tighten up, The flabby skin is bothering me so much I want plastic surgery but I want to challenge myself in the next year to see what I can do on my own. I have started running on my treadmill but can't do for long periods of time, something I want to work on. Push ups I haven't tried yet so maybe thats something I will attempt this week, it's amazing when you have dropped weight how easy certain work outs can be now "lighter"
    Overall I just wanna be healthy and fit and I am getting there everyday, it's a great feeling.

  2. Hey! you can for sure join in on the challenge, if you want to write about it feel free to steal everything from my blog! :)