May 22, 2011

Pushing Forward


How's everyone doing this beautiful Sunday afternoon? Me? I'm great! I had a nice weekend, which consisted of shopping, filling out applications, eating out and attending a graduation. Here's a few photos:

                   {Stuffed Chicken Marsala - Olive Garden}

Now lets get down to business! I weighed-in today and the scaled reported back 204.2!! That's a 3lb pound loss from last weeks weigh-in. I'm so close to 199lbs that I can taste it! I never imagined that I would/could ever come this far and now that I have, I'll be fighting till the end to reach my goals.

P.S I am not a fan of Olive Garden (but seeing as I didn't have a choice in the matter LOL! The Graduate wanted Olive Garden) and the Stuff Chicken Marsala did not taste good at all ='(


  1. Congrats on your three pound loss, thats awsome!

    Your not alone in your dislike for the olive garden, I dont like them either :)

    Btw you look fantastic in your photo !

  2. Thank you so very much pretty lady! :D

  3. Love the outfit on you! And congrats on your weight loss that is great. Closer and closer to onederland!

  4. Yay! I'm so excited!!! Thank you :D