May 18, 2011

Inspiring Motivation

My motivation seems to come from some of the most random places. I saw a commercial on TV the other day of this woman running, she looked great and running just seemed natural to her. I thought to myself that's how I want to look while running(...jogging cause I don't run LOL) instead of always looking like I might pass out once I'm done.

Monday I got on the Elliptical and saw this guy and he was pushing really hard!!! Seeing him made me crank it up into high gear! Of course when he got the off the elliptical he walked away like it was nothing ...when I got off the machine my legs felt like jello. I love to see people giving it everything they got at the gym! That just inspires me to work even harder while I'm there.

Did anybody else watch The Biggest Loser last night!? If you didn't I won't spoil it but it was awesome! Something that Jay did really inspired me. I saw that he would write the number he wanted to weigh for each weigh-in on his arm. How cool is that!? So I will be doing it to! I will see this number!

Here's a video I found on youtube! It's really inspiring

What are somethings that inspire you?


  1. that's such a cool idea! it would also be a good reminder before the spoon hits your mouth haha!

  2. Hahahaha love safire's comment!! Totally love the idea of writing the number on your arm!! I am so stealing it!! You will get there girl just keep giving it your all!! :)

  3. LOL!!!
    @ Safire: you are hilarious but it's so TRUE!
    @ Trisha: Please be my quest and steal it! LOL

    You guys wouldn't believe how hard I pushed myself at the gym today because I kept glancing at my arm. So motivational! :D

  4. I LOVE the biggest loser! I was actually thinking about doing the same thing when I saw Jay was going to keep up his # writing.

  5. @ Tasia: You should really try it! It's helped my so much this week while I was working out, I know I pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do. When I was feeling lazy I'd look at the number and remember what I was trying to accomplish and I know I'll get there :D