May 31, 2011

Early Bird: June Boom Update

I know that the June Boom Challenge I've decided to join in, doesn't start till tomorrow but I'm weird and like to begin things at the start of the week so I've (already) officially started the June Boom Challenge! YAY I'm ahead of the game!!!

What I've done so far:
30 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 385
Abdominal - 3 reps of 30 (70lbs)
13 mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 126
Ab Roller - 10 sets of 15
15 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 139

35 mins - Elliptical: Calories Burned - 343
Back Extension - 2 reps of 20 (70lbs)
15 mins - Arc Trainer: Calories Burned - 169
Abdominal 4 reps of 30 (70lbs)
15 mins - Treadmill: Calories Burned - 140

 ^^I know after the workout I should of  felt like this^^
 ^^But I felt more like this^^

I tried to switched up my routine just the tiniest bit. Instead of me getting on the Treadmill for 30 minutes all the time I'm going to try the other cardio machines for 30 minutes. On the days that I just don't feel like going to the gym, I will do 30 minutes of activity at home; which will probably consist of a Walking away the pounds dvd, taking a 30 minute walk around my neighborhood, or even following some routines from Youtube! Zuzana is one of my favorites! Check her out here  or her website at


  1. Yup, I lived in Japan for two years teaching English. They were the best two years of my life!

  2. I am doing June Boom too!!!......looks like your off to a great start...keep it up girl!!!! Good Luck!