May 5, 2011

Energy Depleting

Ok so I have a routine (not really but anyway) when I go to the gym. I always! ALWAYS get on the Treadmill for 30 minutes first, then the elliptical, then what ever else rocks my boat. I always set the program to weight-loss and I always start with level one. Level one is 3.3 speed the entire program that alternates with 0 and 2 incline every couple of minutes, now mind you I don't always leave it at 3.3, when I jogged I turn the speed up to 4.0 (today 4.1! YAY) and when I walk I turn the incline up to 7 (not always). Am I getting off topic here??  But anyway my point is I feel like I always exert most of my energy on the Treadmill, everyday I try to push a littler harder than I did the day before. Well some might think that's great but when I want to do other cardio machines after I get off the Treadmill I feel like I'm dying! I really and I mean really have to summon up stored energy from somewhere to complete another cardio program (usually my music helps)

And is it just me or does anybody else want to just fall out after working out? I thought I was supposed to feel energized and all that jazz but instead I always feel like I need to sit down somewhere or take a nap for a good 6 hours (LOL I never have though). Also some dude (he was totally random) told me that I was doing too much cardio...Uhh {*blank stare*}

He then proceeds to tell me that I only need 30 minutes of cardio and should spend 15 mins on different machines and that I should also add in the weight machines and work one body part a day with my cardio  {Ok random dude where did you come from and who are you?!?} But I didn't say that lol I just smiled and nodded.

I would like to think what I've been doing so far has been effective... but maybe I'm wrong LOL.
What do you guys think?? Am I doing too much carido? And why do I feel like such a bum when I'm done working out? Am I just the only weird one who doesn't experience that enriching energy your supposed to get from exercise?

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  1. Are you eating enough? I normally feel super energized at after a workout unless I haven't slept enough or ate enough. I eat a 100-200 calories snack 1-2 hours before I workout to make sure my body doesn't feel deprived.

    I do a lot of cardio so I think that person is being ridiculous.

  2. Girl, I have been working out since January and I am still waiting for those magical endorphins to kick in! The only thing I can say is that I don't absolutely hate working out the way I used to.
    I don't think there is such a thing as doing too much cardio. I mean, I follow a couple of blogs and there are lots of people who either run/walk or ride bikes, aerobics, etc for at least an hour, so that doesn't make any sense. The only thing I'm doing differently now is to try to switch up my workouts with walking and bike riding. I found myself getting into a routine and my weight loss has stalled. I've only done this for a week though, so I will let you know if it helps. Good luck!

  3. What do you eat before and after the workout? I think that you should have a little snack. Maybe a fruit before and definite have something with protein after.

  4. Random dude is being silly. Yeah, weights always help, but no, you're not doing too much cardio. Have a small carb-y snack before and a small protein-y snack after, make sure you're hydrated. The endorphins ARE there, but if you work out really hard (for your body's current fitness level) then they're too busy doing other things to give you that "high", and it's not a sign that you're doing something wrong. If you were puking in the middle of your workout, then there'd be some worrying to do, but the fact that you feel tired just means that you're pushing your body pretty hard and that is commendable. Keep going, and one day you'll find that it takes jogging 8 miles to get you to that same level of tired!

  5. Thanks for all the comments! :D I usually eat some sugar free pudding (80 calories) or a sugar-free popsicle (40 calories) or sugar-free jello (10 calories) before I work out then after-wards I usually eat some chicken and a veggie.

    Maybe because I try to go harder than I did the day before (haha I go hard in paint)... Idk because those 30 minutes on the Treadmill go by a lot quicker than they used to when I 1st started.