June 11, 2011

Burn Out

Working out everyday is NOT EASY! Who ever said it was needs to go kick bricks, cause its not.
The 1st week is always the easiest to get through because your so motivated to start then here comes week two and your thinking to yourself "Why the heck did I agree to this again?"

So this is my confession...I felt like I was starting to burn out, so I had to lower the intensity of my workouts. I went pretty intense last week and felt like crap this week! Basically to sum everything up in a nut shell I missed 2 days of exercise.

Me trying to maintain my diet while being out of the house is hard! I always screw up! And no I don't mean screw up as in eating fast food or other craptastic stuff that would have me singing, I always ALWAYS forget to eat!

So pretty much I missed Thursday because of an interview, then after that they had me running around trying to get the stuff I needed to be considered for the job (drug testing..etc). Finally got home and made the mistake of laying down lol it was lights out after that. Friday I have absolutely no excuses, although I was out again trying to get documents for this job, laziness was my key factor for not going. So I guess to stay on track for this June Boom Challenge, I'll just have to make up for those missed days. (-sadness-)


  1. That's ok...no one is perfect, just pick yourself up and start again. I was really bad with June Boom this week myself.....Let's try to better ourselves this week together!!!

  2. Your body will tell you when it needs a rest. I think that you were tired from working so hard. Keep at it! You got this!

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are a success story!

  4. Jack away my friend, jack away!! :) I love to share!!!

  5. Don't sweat it! I sometimes miss a day or two, or maybe three. I used to feel guilty about skipping, but I just try to hit the track, dance studio or whatever the next day. One thing that helps me stay on track with my workouts, finding something I love! And what I'm loving right now is ZUMBA! I RARELY miss a class. And speaking of Zumba, I better get off this computer before I'm late.