March 13, 2011

Weigh-In Sunday


I've been itchying (not literally) to get on the scale all this week! I had to practically force myself not to even look at the scale. I'm excited! I'm nervous! I just don't know what to do.

That little evil scale just sits in the corner of my bedroom mocking me ( I know it does!)

But I have to hold out until sunday 3/13/11 (Hey thats TODAY!)

So I woke this morning (really afternoon) fired up! I was ready to see what that scale was going to tell me, I pulled the scale out of the box, went into my bathroom and got really nervous LOL yea I was fired up for all of 5 mins until I put the scale in front of me on the floor.

Just thinking about the Steak cheese wrap I had last night ("Did it digest?", "Oh lord why did I eat it!!", "but it was sooo good!", "OMG I bet I gained weight!" about panic attack) all these thoughts crossed my mind and I realized, I had still not stepped onto the scale yet.

Inhaled deeply, exhaled, wiped the sweat from my palms and stepped up onto the scale (eyes tightly closed) I waited...

Looked down at the little screen and saw 225.6 (OMG I thought...I just lost 2 pounds!!! "Technically it was only 1.6 but darnit thats a 2lb loss in my book")

Talk about estatic! I fist pumped the air ("YEA!"), did a little victory dance then stepped back on the scale again (just to make sure) the same numbers came across the screen (225.6)

Can you tell I was excited??

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