March 21, 2011

Rushing it?!?

So I weighed in today with a 2 pound loss! I'm so totally excited!

Didn't expect to see that number since I missed a day of exercise. I'm so close to being under 200 pounds I can taste it! (Sweet Victory!!!) With 19 pounds gone I feel like nothing can stop me! NOTHING WILL STOP ME!

Tomorrow (3/21/11) I planned on starting phase one of the South Beach diet (the strict phase) again. It's the phase where I cut out breads, pasta, rice, potatoes, certain vegetables and dairy, It's also the phase where you lose weight the fastest! But am I trying to rush my weight-loss? I know it should be slow and steady but darn-it! I'm ready for it to be gone NOW!

Ok... so I know Roman wasn't built in a day and I also know that I didn't gain this weight over night. UGH!!!

It's really frustrating cause I'm doing so well, but I feel like I could be doing better -sighs-

Should I just continue what I'm doing on Phase 2 and be paitent or should I back track it to Phase 1 and try to lose a quick 5 pounds?

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

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