March 2, 2011



Easier said than done right?

Well I'm starting my change right here and right now! (actually I lied, I already started my change LOL)

I started the South Beach Diet on 2/14/11 (Valentines day...Yea I'm a weirdo) But anyway this was not an easy start for me...My funds were low and I had to give up my all time favorite food (Hot Wings) talk about the devestation! LOL but like I said, it was time for a change.

Today is 3/2/11 which marks Day 17 for me and in 2 weeks while on this program I have lost 15 pounds...(THATS RIGHT I SAID 15 POUNDS!!!) just by eating. Now I'm not trying to knock exercise because I know that with any lifestyle change (like what I'm trying to do) Exercise is just as important as eating healthier foods, drinking water and getting enough sleep.

But come on!!! If you lost 15 pounds in 2-weeks just by changing your eating habits wouldnt you be freaking excited too!? LOL

(If anyone would like to know a bit more information about the South Beach Diet just comment below and I'll post another blog explaining the program)

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

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