March 6, 2011

Plateau...well Sorta

I weighed in this week at 227. 6 the scale said I went down 0.2 of a pound (not what I was expecting)

But I'm still very excited!! Although the number on the scale wasn't that big I still lost/ weigh the same (I haven't gained any weight!!! -jumps for joy-)

But now that I've finished my first week of Phase 2 I know with out a doubt I need to get my butt into gear and start exercising.

I've been giving a lot of excuses lately... "Well I'm doing homework" or "But the gym is so far away! Gas prices are going up" or "I'll start tomorrow..." or "It's too darn cold outside!" or just being plain lazy and saying "I don't feel like working out"

But like I stated in an eariler blog losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle involves CHANGE and my change is about to start right here and right now!

So my plan is to start slow and gradually increase my activity level.

Stay Tuned for more Updates on my exercising...Healthier Me

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