March 6, 2011

Food Labels

Are you reading your Food Labels?

 Here I have 2 different types of cereal. Both boxes of the cereal look like healthy choices don't they?

Well you'll be surprised to learn that 1 cereal is loaded with SUGARY GOODNESS (well... maybe not goodness).

But can you guess which one?

Raisin Nut Bran or Fiber One: Honey Clusters

<-------Raisin Nut Brain


Fiber One: Honey Clusters ------->

Well if you guessed Fiber One: Honey Clusters then you are INCORRECT!!!
Sorry the pictures may be hard to see (so I kinda cheated =P) but the Raisin Nut Brain actually has 14g of sugar (YIKES!). 19% of daily fiber (5g fiber), 3g Total Fat and the serving size is a measely 3/4 cup. So not only does the Fiber One: Honey Clusters ONLY have 5g of SUGAR (say whaaat!?) it also has 51% of daily fiber( that's 13g fiber!), it's only 1.5 g of Total Fat and the serving size is 1 cup!

So you tell me what the better choice of cereal is...

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