March 23, 2011


One of my class mates... Well she's my buddy! But anyway after class today she told me that she could see the weight loss in my face.

I just lit up! Big stupid cheesy smile on my face and I felt this giddy feeling.

Compliments from people who really don't know you are the BEST!
Yes I've gotten compliments before from my dad and my mom, plus I'm constently looking in the mirror but when people who you don't think are paying you any attention comment and say positive things you just feel like your on cloud 9.

All of my hard work is paying off and I'm only a quarter of the way there!

She made my day!




Someone else noticed my weightloss! YAY! They said that they could see it in my face...

Well obviously I haven't been paying any attention to my freaking face. (Oh no! Not something else for me to try and stare in the mirror to see a difference)

But overall I'm totally pumped! Hitting the gym today!

Stay Tuned for more Updates...Healthier Me

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