March 21, 2011

Temptation Merry-go Round

Join Me on this Merry-go Round! Cause Temptations all -around!

UGH! I'm trying my hardest (my absolute darnest!) to stay dedicated to this journey to be healthier and losing weight. So why it is that everytime I turn around CRAP (aka: unhealthy food) is being thrust into my face!!!

Tempter: "Why don't you have some fried chicken?"
Me: "Cause It's not really healthy, I'm going to continue eating my grilled chicken."
Tempter: "Well when I did what your doing I ate whatever I wanted to eat (aka: fast foods, fried chicken, ice-cream, cookies (need I do on??)) and just worked out alot and I lost weight"
Me: "I want to stick with what I'm doing..."

(I would DEVOUR some fried chicken right now! Like I've lost my darn mind!)
Tempter: "You want some Hot Wings?"
 *thinking* *YES DEAR GOD I WANT SOME HOT WINGS!!! -drools-*
Me: "No I don't want any Hot Wings."
Tempter: "You sure? They are really good!"
Me: "No, I'm sure I don't want any..."
*dies a little inside*

(I love hot wings, it's my favorite food -tear-)

SERIOUSLY!? I mean really!?

Temptation surrounds me day-in and day-out... Last night I had to watch as my mom and sis scarfed down chocolate fudge brownies, I've watched them eat pizza while I had a salad, I've watched them eat McDonalds golden french fries while I nibbled on some pecans. I've cooked different dished and have been asked whats in it and when I reply saying something healthy they respond "EWWW"...

But...I can say that I've been holding up strong. Today is 3/21/11 Day 36 of my journey and I have NOT fallen off my path, because what I'm working towards is far more important then a 30 min satisfaction of eating greasy, fatty, foods.
I remind myself everyday I'm doing this for me, and thats enough to keep my pushing through...(also the thought of rocking a killer 2 piece but don't judge me LOL)

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