March 27, 2011

Support Team

Why does it seem like I get more support from people that don't even know me!?

Friends...Classmates they encourage me to keep pushing on. They may not know it, but they do! Even with out their knowledge they support me and it helps me to keep going.

But turn around to the family side of things and I feel like I just hit a brick wall...

It's not even the entire family, some show more support than others. But today I got on the scale to weigh in but my scale went WHOOMP WHOOMP on me giving me like 6 different numbers every time I stepped up on it, so I made a comment to a family member and it went like this:

Me: -feeling kinda frustrated I said- "My scale is the devil"
FM: "Don't come in here saying your scale is the devil, either you come in here and say you lost weight or you didn't! -mumbling- "come in here saying your scale is the devil" (basically I was dismissed after this)
Me: *Thinking* *Are you serious?!* -walks away-

Ok... you may not have understood that because you couldn't hear their tone of voice, but they were irritated that I made that comment... -sighs- that just made me want to say "Screw this crap, screw this journey, I'm going to find the nearest hotwing spot and order a 20 piece with fries and a 2-liter coke"

With this family member I feel like I'm always walking on eggs around them! Never know what I could do or what I say that could set them off! They always get irritated with me and I feel like I can never please them with anything that I do.

That being said I dont even know why I went to them in the first place! Guess old habits die hard right?

But anyway I'm not going to let them discourage me from continuing this journey... I'm doing this for me so who gives a crap if they won't stand behind me, support me and give me that extra push when I need it. I got other folks who I can count on. Just kinda weird that majority are classmates, friends, and people who don't even know me.

Thanks you GUYS!!! 


  1. Love to see you with such a positive attitude!

  2. Case in point: I don't know you but I think you rock! Just caught up on all your blogs and subscribed, you are a lot of fun and you're doing a great job!

  3. No prob T!!! We in this together. Keep it up. (any flutters?)

  4. Awww Thanks you guys!!! See this what I mean when I say support all it takes is a nice comment and I'm all pumped up! :D

    @ Cory no flutters for you! LOL

    @ JadeAmber thanx! Gotta keep pushing myself and you too! Were in this thang together! :D

    @ MissHaneefa thank you maam! It's hard to keep sometimes